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2012 Bec Botefuhr

Published by Bec Botefuhr, October 2012.


Vengeance (The pirate series) is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and events portrayed in this book either are from the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, establishments, events, or location is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.


Books in this Series

Damned (Book One)

Betrayed (Book Two)

Vengeance (Book Three)



I would firstly like to thank my husband, without him, this series would have never been finished. For his time, love and patience through my writers blocks and my hours of fixing work. He is my rock; he made this real for me.

I would like to extend thanks to a wonderful friend, Creina Woods. She helped me feel my characters, she taught me to know them as well as I know myself. She helped shape my books and gave me an understanding of how to write.

I can’t forget my right hand woman, Charmaine Mathews. She spent hours and hours reading my novels and gave me nothing but honest opinions on my story. She made this possible.

Last but certa
inly not least, my family. My mo
m especially, for never giving up on me and for believing I could do this, for encouraging me and giving me the strength to keep going when things were down.

This book is for my Uncle’s Garry and Tony, who inspired the character Rusty. They are always there to look out for me, and are just as scary, and as sweet. This one is for you two.






“You need to tell him.” Jack whispers as I throw up over the toilet for the sixth time this morning.

“No.” I croak.

“Jade, his emotions are fragile. It is the last thing he needs. If you keep something else from him…”

“He left!” I spit, wiping my face and leaning against the toilet.

“You betrayed him.”

“I know Jack, but…he hasn’t even called.
He rarely texts.
He isn’t ready to talk to me, and until he is, I will not tell him.”


“I need a minute Jack.”

He sighs and walks out. I stand and walk over to the sink; my eyes are bright even though my sou
l is dark. My hair is thick and
healthy. My skin is radiant and shining. My body is alive, well and glowing because I am pregnant. Three months along. I didn’t know when Jax left, and I haven’t yet told him. He has been gone for over two months, and I have spoken with him once, to get the phone for Lilly. He sends me a message with his progress every few days; there is nothing romantic or loving in any of it.

My heart throbs each night; I curl into my bed alone and missing my husband. I broke his heart, and I don’t know how to fix it. I lost my father, my husband and now I am alone. I ache inside. Jack is my rock and continues to show strength even though his heart is breaking for me. I love him for that. Lilly weeps most nights; I don’t know how to comfort her or how to make her see Jax loves her. I tell her he will come back, but I don’t know if he will.

I try, every day, to keep what is left of my family together.



“You are seventeen weeks along, congratulations.” The doctor murmurs as she slides an ultrasound machine over my tummy four weeks later.

“Oh. Wow.”

I stare at the image on the screen, the little budding heart beat and the features of our baby. I know I have to tell him, I just don’t know how.

“Do you want to know the sex?”

I feel my insides turn to liquid. It hurts so much.

“Yes.” I whisper.

“It’s a boy.”

A boy.
I hiccup, and tears flow down my cheeks. The technician hands me a tissue and squeezes my hand.

“Are you ok

“Fine, thank you.” I croak.

“Would you like a picture printed?”


She hands me a picture, and I take it gratefully. I walk out of the room and pay for my appointment. When I step into the cold winter day, I shiver. I hate winter. I look down at my phone and hesitate. He has to know. You have to tell him. Don’t make things worse. What if he wants nothing to do with my baby?  I punch in his number.

We need to talk.

What about?

It is important Jax. Can you ring me?

No, I am busy.

Jax, this is urgent.

Then tell me.



You know what, fine. Have it your way. Maybe it’s best you stay out there and let us get along with our lives.

I attach a picture of the ultrasound and hit send. My phone falls silent for a good half an hour. Then it rings. I snort and press the end button. No, I won’t play games with my husband. Mad or not, he needs to speak to me like a real person before I speak to him like one.

You are pregnant?

I don’t answer. I shove my phone in my pocket and walk to a nearby cafe. It rings and rings constantly while I drink my tea. Keep calm Jade, let him stew. By the time I arrive home, my phone has over fifty missed calls and
knows how many messages. I smile at Layla when I walk through the door, her and PJ and in my kitchen making Lilly pancakes. They have been remarkable.

“Hey honey, how’d you go?” Layla asks.

I sit and shove my phone at her. She glances at all the calls and laughs.

“He has rung here about three hundred times.”

“I bet he has. I am having a boy.”

PJ grins, Layla beams and Lilly squeals.

“I am going to have a brother

“Sure are baby!”

“I can’t wait!” She skips around and runs off to ring her friends.

“And you finally told Jax, I assume?” Layla laughs, shaking her head at Lilly.

“I did. He is wild.”

“I bet he is.”

PJ comes around the bench and hugs me close. I grin up at him.

“I could make a tidal wave, give him a shake up.”

e is getting enough of a shake up at the moment.”

My phone rings again and Layla narrows her eyes.

“Don’t make him sweat it too long.”

I laugh and wait for the phone to stop ringing
then check my messages again.

Why the fuck didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?

Jade. PICK UP.

I swear to
, you fucking better pick up that phone.


I smother a grin and text back.

I am not picking up until you are calm. I didn’t tell you because you haven’t wanted to speak with me.

How can you expect me to be fucking calm? You lied to me again.

As a matter of fact Jax, I did not lie. I just did not tell you. I have my reasons. You refuse to even speak with me; I haven’t heard my own husbands fucking voice for months. I made a mistake, and you are ringing that out. I don’t owe you anything anymore. I am moving on with my life and my family. I am sick of your petty shit.

He doesn’t reply for a long while. I manage to get a shower and some afternoon
tea in before he finally gets back to me

I am going to ring in ten. Answer the phone.


I sit and anxiously wait for his call. I haven’t heard hi
s voice for so long. I miss it; m
iss him. When my phone rings, I force myself to let it ring three times before answering it.


“Hey.” His voice comes across the speaker, rugged, manly, a sound I have missed so heavily.


“I am sorry I went off at you. I am sorry I didn’t call. I am hurt Jade. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I am hurt too Jax. You refuse to even speak with me. What did you expect I would do? I wasn’t going to let this baby make the choice for you. If you wanted me, I wanted you to
make that choice on your own; n
ot because of a child.”

“I…Jade I need to tell you something before we go any further. It’s…bad.”

My heart clenches.

He takes a deep breath on the other end of the phone. “I was so mad when I left. I spent a month out here, and I just
get your betrayal out of my head. I was angry and hurt. I stopped off at the island to stock up, and we went out…”

“Stop,” I choke. “Don’t.”

“Mate, I have to…”

“NO!” I scream. “Don’t.”

His voice falls silent for a moment.

“I have wanted to come back, so many times but…I am so angry at you and so angry at myself. It is partly my fault. Now this…you deserve to know.”

I am sobbing heavily. He doesn’t need to say it. I already know, but suddenly, I need to hear him admit it.

“Say it.” I whisper.

He pauses. “I got drunk, blind rotten drunk. I…woke in the morning naked with a girl. I don’t remember fucking her, but I have no doubt I did.”

I slam the phone down and fall to my knees, screaming. PJ, who was walking past, now stops and rushes in. He scoops me into his arms and holds me close.

“Hey, stop that crying. What has happened?”

“He cheated on me.”
I scream, clenching my eyes shut.


Layla comes rushing in, sees me on the floor and drops to her knees.

“What happened?”

“He…told her he cheated on her.”

“Oh no.”

She takes me in her arms and PJ stands.

“Call Jack.”

“Hey, sweetie.
It is ok.”

“It hurts so
.” I whimper.

“I know. I know.”

My phone rings and Layla lets me go, answering it with fury.

“How dare you ring here?”

I can hear Jax’s voice in the background.

“Let me talk to her.”

“So you can go ahead and break her heart some more? How could you? She has waited for you, so patiently, never pushing and you…don’t you ring here again.”

put her on the phone.”

“Jax, you better get the hell out of her life.”

“She is my wife!”

“And you punished her for hurting you. How could you? If you didn’t want her Jax, you should have left.”

“I love her!” He roars. “Put her on. It was a fucking mistake.”

“Yeah well, it is too late for that. She made a mistake, and instead of just taking the time and being half decent, you fucked someone else and ruined any small strand that was left. You lost your wife; I hope you are happy.”

“She…said that?” His voice is softer.

“She doesn’t have to, go Jax and do not come back.”

She hangs up, and I sob harder into her shirt.

“Shhh, we will take care of you. All of us.”

“I…I don’t know what to feel.” I wail.

“You deserve better.”

“He is my husband.”

She pulls back. “And he cheated on you.”

“Because I lied and broke his heart!” I scream, fisting my hair.

“That’s no excuse.”

“I need to be alone.”

I push myself to my feet and slowly, with wobbly legs, walk upstairs. I sink onto the seat beside the window and stare out.
The thought of him with another woman, touching her, kissing her, tears my heart into pieces.
I can’t bear it. The pain shooting through my chest is so horrible, so painful. I can’t breathe; I can’t think. I am so hurt.
I hear my door open a while
later, and Jack walks in. I don’t move.

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