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Chapter One



“So you're a Taurus? Does that mean you're hung like a bull?”

              The man on the park bench in front of me set his newspaper down. When he looked directly at me with his startling amber eyes, forgetting whatever article he'd just been reading, I felt my heart leap into my throat. He was incredibly gorgeous, much more than I'd thought when I'd spied him from my secret spot beneath the tree moments earlier, certain he was the one.

You can do this
, I told myself.
Be brave, and tonight you will have your reward.

              “What makes you think I'm a Taurus?” he asked smoothly.

              I knew he'd be smooth. All men who wore expensive suits like his were. It was why I'd chosen him. That and the knowledge that businessmen liked to take risks. With his dark hair cut to precision and the unmistakable confidence in the way he carried himself, I knew papa was a playboy. He'd be all over what I had to offer him.

              “Your muscles, they're practically ripping through your suit. And the power in the way you walk. You're a big, bad bull. And I'm in need of a ride.”

              It was a bold move, but it paid off. I knew I had him. If I didn't, he'd be gone, but he wasn't. He remained seated on the park bench, a smirk on his divine face, amused.

              “Well, you're wrong. I'm not a Taurus. I'm a Leo.”

              “Even better,” I professed, flipping my honey-colored hair over my shoulder, trying to exude a cool confidence myself—though most of me wanted to run away from the park bench and never look back. “That means you have the fire of a lion. I bet you make a lot of noise in bed, roaring away. And you like to dominate.”

              He laughed, but it wasn't giddy. It was deep and sophisticated, like him. “And what are you?”

              “Everything you have ever dreamed of.”

              He fell silent, studying me eagerly, like I was one of his lionesses. It was out of character for me, but I let him. That was the whole point of this venture—to do something savage, something I'd always wanted to do but had been too scared to before. Picking up strange men wasn't a game nice girls usually played, but I wasn't a nice girl today.

Let him look
, I thought. I had nothing to hide. I'd chosen a pair of cut-offs for the occasion, paired with a skintight white sweater that complemented my light green eyes and dark golden hair.

              “Like what you see?” I asked.

              “Very much,” he admitted. “How old are you?”


              He flinched slightly. It was well-masked, but I had a talent for reading people. “I'm preparing to leave my twenties, and you've only entered yours. You sure you're ready for a man like me?” he asked, pushing his reservations aside.

              “Are you sure you're ready for a woman like me?” I countered, committed to my resolution.

              “Unquestionably,” he said. “A lion is always ready to pounce.”

              “That's what I thought.” I felt triumphant, and apprehensive, but I didn't let the later show. “Meet me at the sundial at midnight tonight.”

              He seemed confused. “The one in the woods? Won't a nice hotel room do? My treat.”

              With the last of my courage, I looked him straight in his eyes, full of intent. “I want to fuck you underneath the stars,” I revealed.

              Before, he had been playful and curious. Now, I had aroused his inner beast. I could tell by the bulge in his slacks. “Careful what you wish for,” he said. It sounded like a dare.

              “I don't wish. I grab,” I declared impudently, setting a hand on his thigh. Then, I stood and started walking away, but not before turning around and adding, “Don't bother with a sleeping bag. I doubt there'll be much sleeping tonight.” Then, I left the man to carry out the business of his day, knowing I, Madison Miller, would own his night.




              When I was out of the man's sight, I hurried behind a tree, swallowing a deep breath as I leaned against the cool bark, my legs shaking, both with desire and nerves.

I can't believe I just did that!

              It was insane inviting a stranger into the woods, but I was exhilarated. I'd spent a majority of my adult life so far making sensible decisions. I'd studied hard in college, enough that I'd graduated a year early. And next week, when most people my age were getting wasted at end-of-summer frat parties, I was starting a new job at a much sought-after company, one that developed technology for the sciences. Cepheus Scientific. Between now and my first day at work on Monday, I wanted to be wild and let my passion rule my heart and soul, before I had to rein it back in for the rest of my career.

              In college, I'd studied astronomy. The stars had always fascinated me. They were proof of a beauty that existed beyond Earth, that something more was out there. I envisioned lying beneath them, naked, the weight of a man on top of me, his cock between my thighs. But I'd never played out the fantasy, not with the boys I'd dated in college. The occasion called for a man who had experience. Someone who could float me to the stars. Now that I was twenty-one, I was ready for such a man.

              Twenty-one. It was the same age my sister had been when she died, but I didn't want to think of that now.

              I had a fuck to get ready for.




              The stone sundial was a landmark within the woods just outside Portland, Oregon. During the day, the sun's shadow told the time, but there was no sun now. It was pitch black. I wasn't scared being in the woods alone at night. I preferred it. As a student of astronomy, I was required to make my peace with the night, spending many evenings out in the wilderness, away from the city lights, with a telescope in my hand, wearing one of my many brightly colored hoodies to stay warm. The night held many mysteries, but to me, it was much more pleasant than the day. The night was honest. The day was harsh.

              I sat on the triangle of the sundial, waiting, unsure if the man would show. I was nervous, but I hoped he would come. I didn't know him, but with his muscular build and sharp amber eyes, there was a sense of security about him. I wanted his company as much as I wanted his romance.

              I had no intention of dating the man. Tonight was not about winning his affections. However, it was about being fervid and wanton, so I came prepared. In my rucksack, I had a blanket and a bottle of cheap champagne. Still wearing my outfit from earlier, knowing my cut-offs had pleased him, I wanted tonight to live up to my fantasy. It wasn't every day you fucked a hot stranger underneath the stars.

              If he showed.

              I didn't have to worry if he would very long. From somewhere in the darkness behind me, I heard footsteps. Then, a blindfold was gently placed around my eyes. I didn't protest. It was an added thrill.

              “You came,” I blurted out, forgetting to play it cool.

              “And so will you. A lot. You were right about one thing. I like to dominate.”

              He forced the rucksack off my back, and then, much more carefully, he picked me up off the sundial and into his arms, as if he were saving me, his strength well able to handle my toned but curvy frame. Being carried in such a way through the woods by a man hit at my more primal instincts. My body screamed for him to ravage me, but he was almost delicate in the way he held me, so I stayed quiet in his arms.

              All tenderness disappeared the moment we stopped, reaching a place of his choosing. He set me down to my feet. I reached for the blindfold, but he prevented me from untying it.

              “No,” he prohibited, straightening the blindfold so that it wouldn't budge. “Keep it on. You’re about to feel my fire.”

              If I had any doubt the man beside me was the man I'd seduced at the park bench, I would have run far away. But it was him. I knew by his voice, and his confidence. So I held still, my skin tingling as he moved behind me and began to kiss my neck. Slowly, sensually, his hand slid up my sweater so that he was fondling my nipples. His kisses became hungrier, as his erection grew, pressing against my back.

              It was sweet torture. I ached for him to plunge his hand down my panties and fill me with his fingers and then his cock, but I said nothing. If he wanted to be in control, I would let him, allowing both of our fantasies to play out.

              “Tonight, you're mine,” he whispered in my ear. He released his hold on my breasts and lifted my sweater over my head before dropping his hands so that they trailed down my stomach to my cut-offs. He unbuttoned them and pulled them down to the ground. As I stepped out of the denim, he twirled me around so that I faced him, wearing only my satin lingerie.

              “Lie on the grass,” he commanded.

              I did. The grass was cool against my back, but not enough to diminish the heat I felt coursing through my body. Just the thought of the man inside me had me near the edge.

              Unable to see with the blindfold on, I waited on the grass, my anticipation building.

              “You are a vision,” he murmured from above, admiring me.

              Then he moved down to the ground with me, pulling my panties away so that my bare ass touched the grass. Out of instinct and need, I raised my knees and opened my legs, inviting him to slide his cock into me.

              But he didn't. Instead, I felt his warm tongue press against my clit. He stroked his tongue against me, licking every inch of me, drinking me in. It was more pleasure than I could bear. I grabbed his hair, pulling him closer into me, spilling myself into his mouth as I grew wetter, and needing him inside of me.

              “Now,” he said, moving his tongue away. “I'm going to take you now.” I heard a rustle of movement, and the sound of a wrapper being torn open, and then his cock pressed against me where his tongue had just been. He didn't enter me, but circled the tip of his penis around my opening, teasing me, torturing me.

              “Please,” I begged, unable to take it. “Fuck me.”

              “Beg again,” he ordered, moving his cock rhythmically around, bringing me close to release but denying me the final bliss.

              “Please, fuck me,” I repeated. “Fuck me hard.”

              In answer, his massive cock plunged inside me. At first, his thrusts were slow and lingering, allowing the need in my body to build even greater than it already was, but then his desire surpassed my own, and he grated against me harder, rocking his body deep inside mine until we both exploded with warm, golden spasms. He moaned loudly as he came, his lion’s roar. It made me come even harder.

              Breathless, I lay still on the grass, exhausted with pleasure. It was by far the best fuck I'd ever had. I wanted more. Soon, when he was ready, I would remove the blindfold and fuck him again, this time under the starlight, as I'd intended, where I could see exactly everything he was doing to me.

              “I hope you're ready for more,” I said seductively after catching my breath. “Because I'm about to suck you off until you have no choice but to come all over me.” I reached over, feeling for his glorious cock, but he wasn't there. “Marco,” I said playfully.

              He didn't answer.

              “I'm going to remove the blindfold,” I warned.

              Still, no answer.

              Disturbed, I pulled the thin cloth away from my eyes. I was in a small meadow surrounded by wildflowers. Moonlight poured down upon my naked body, giving it a silver hue. But mine was the only skin the moonlight touched. The man, my stranger, was nowhere to be seen.

              Quickly, I pulled on my panties and dressed, my heart sore. I was humiliated that he had abandoned me, but I was also scared. With the blindfold on, I had not seen which direction he had carried me through the woods. I didn't know my way back to the sundial.

              I was lost in the woods.





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