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Authors: John Victor

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Secrets of the Fortress 'sorcery'


By John Victor

Copyright 2015 John Victor

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Special thanks goes to God for seeing me
through the writing of this book and my family for their

Thanks to Sasha Carrie for her help in proof
reading of the book.




Emily ran all the way home in search of her
father who just left her all alone in the desert without any trace.
As she approached home, she perceived something burning and could
see smoke rising in the air from afar sending a chill down her
spine making her run faster than she could ever recall.

The evil in the air was stronger than ever
and she felt the adrenaline flowing through her veins speeding
across the hard soil in the midst of large trees, she finally
approached the village entrance.

Everywhere looked deserted with all the
houses engulfed by flames. She immediately ran to the house where
she and her father lived. Great fear arose within her as she
slammed the door open without finding any body home, she ran home
with tears in her eyes back to the forest she came from hoping to
find her father sitting under a large oak tree, taking a nap.

She got to the forest to find no one,
realizing that her only family had been taken away from her, she
fell on the muddy floor and broke into tears before she felt a firm
grip on her neck, life was leaving her and her eyes became so
blurry, she was finally knocked out cold.




Two men talked in low voices as they walked
down the dark passage that led to a large hall, one spoke in low
soft tone…”what do we do about the lady in the hall?” The other man
was with a thick voice with an Italian accent…” I think we should
rescue her before the master gets to her, she has a very rare power
that no one has ever possessed in centuries, she needs to discover
her powers in the right hands, Master Kujoo is not the right person
to train her, she could destroy everything in the world even the
master himself ”.

The other man replied with a questions racing
in his mind with no one to answer them…” I’m so scared for what
will become of us after this.” They looked at the large clock in
front of them and they both ran at the same time with the aim of
getting the girl out of their lair at the risk of their lives.

As they approached the large room, they heard
footsteps but kept their pace, they entered the room but saw no one
in there, “we are too late, the master got her first”.

* * *

In another room, Emily was awoken by the
sound of something scraping the sides of a table as she sat up on
the bed still wondering how she got there and what happened before
she did. She strained her eyes to see a man sitting in the corner
of the room, staring at her without moving an inch; he looked in
his late thirties with a striking physique that any lady could die

He began speaking to her and the smoothness
of his voice dazzled her, it sounded just like a violin. ”Hello
there, I am Kujoo, a master of the Kurikana clan. She was so
surprised because she hadn’t heard of any clan’s existence.

He talked almost immediately like he sensed
her thought… ” I will tell you everything about this clan from the
very beginning, there were three very close friends with newly
discovered powers. They lived together and decided to create a
group which they named Kurikana clan as it is believed that there
were other magic groups that existed.

The clans have two main divisions: the good
clans and the evil ones. There are…” She cuts him short by
screaming at him “Why are you telling me all these? I don’t
understand anything you are talking about.

He spoke back to her with calmness in his
voice… ”Emily, you have powers and I will like to be your mentor so
you can explore the powers in its full force.” Emily looked
startled not knowing what at all to say as she left her mouth
agape, she stammered gently…

“I have powers?”

He began to sound eager as he spoke. ”Yes,
you really are powerful and it’s about time you started using your
powers.” She then remembered what happened before she got there.”
You know about the whereabouts of my father, don’t you?” He didn’t
even bat an eye and he replied her with haste…”He is safe”.

* * *

Meanwhile, in a small town, a little girl lay
on her back surrounded by lots of flowers in which she finds
solace, singing the only song she knew since her mother threw her
out of the house when she began seeing things no other human

She will always remember the day a woman saw
her pass by her house, a routine she does every day when searching
for food before she goes to a stall to rest her head for the night;
the woman called her and she approached the old woman with a look
of fright and weariness.

She sat on a stool and asked the girl for her
name in which she replied after a little while with the slightest
hint of a smile on her face… ”I’m Evalle”. The woman felt great
pity and concern for Evalle when she said she was an orphan and had
nowhere to sleep but for the stall.

With no child, the woman took Evalle into the
house and began raising her as her own daughter. Evalle repaid the
woman’s kindness by keeping her lips sealed about the every new
discovery of the power she withholds.

She had suddenly begun to forget about her
mum when an image appeared to her, a sight she had never seen, it
was so dark with evil that she wanted to run but her legs could not
carry her so she had no choice but to crawl towards it.

As she got closer, the image began to look
familiar. When she was the closest she could get to the image, she
screamed aloud “Mum!”


* * *

Emily now sat up straight on the bed, eager
to see her father immediately as the man motioned for her to follow
him to the room where she met her father sleeping peacefully, the
master had a wide grin on his face as Emily looked down at her
father, his voice broke the silence that had lasted for a while

“I think he needs some rest now so I decide
we don’t wake him up, we found men from the Kretos clan, they burnt
your town but we managed to save your father.”

Emily was beginning to get annoyed, she could
remember vividly that she was with her father in the forest and
they were talking about the beautiful flowers and how they had a
particular significance in the family.

Something seemed to whisper to her and she
was startled, she waited again and heard the same thing now
sounding louder as it hit her eardrums.

”You have to run away from here, they are
visibly lying, you should know better.”

Emily looked at her father once again and
then the idea came to her. She followed them out of the room
without uttering a word to any of them till she got back to the
room where she was supposed to be staying.

She began to move around the room still
surprised at what just hit her, then thoughts began to arise in her

“I knew about these powers all along but I
can’t remember telling anyone, how did they get to know?

My father couldn’t have gotten back to town
within that duration”.

She slumped on the bed wondering what her
father could possibly be thinking of right now in his somewhat deep
sleep. As she closed her eyes, she could see past her fears into
the future awaiting her before she suddenly screamed aloud as she
sat on her bed… ”I found it”.

She noticed a silhouette structure in a
corner of the room, she was scared at first but later got the
courage to move closer to her, “I have experienced greater things”,
she said to herself. The closest she looked, the darker the
atmosphere around her became. “I can’t breathe, what’s happening?”
she whispered aloud.

She tried to move back but the floor beneath
her began to sink as skeleton hands came out and began pulling her
into the floor, she tried to pull herself out but her strength was
failing her, she was sucked in and felt a gush of air escape her
lungs and several more after that.

Emily screamed and felt herself jump from a
soft substance as she stared at the ceiling of her room sweating
profusely and startled by someone staring at her and talking to her
in a hushed voice.

“You were having a nightmare.”

She had a look of both shock and surprise on
her face as she sat upright and asked.

“You’ve been here all the while since I fell
asleep, I guess it was my mistake not locking the door”

She heaved a sigh of relief as he walked out
of her room leaving her to ponder about this strange place in which
she found herself and why she decided to stay.

* * *

Evalle opened her mouth wide as she saw her
mother in the most impossible way she ever dreamt to meet her
again. “This only means one thing”, Evalle said to herself. “She’s

“What does she want with me?

This is going to bring nothing but bad

I don’t think I’m ready for all this.”

She moved few more inches to what she
believed was her mother before a voice she knew so well started to
speak to her from the image in front of her. She stood on the same
spot with her eyes fixed on the ghost of her mother. She then began
to listen to her mother.

“Evalle, I have something important to tell
you, you have the power no one else can ever possess in this world,
it is an ancient magic that you were born with. I want you to
search your heart for the path to gaining your full potentials.” A
very bright light shone as her mother finally faded into thin

She couldn’t still believe her mother was
dead as her head spun trying to understand what her mother meant by
“search your heart for the path”. Something else began to ring in
Evalle’s heart… ”full potentials”, she wondered what her mother
meant by that as she got into the house and lay on her bed as she
finally drifted off to sleep.



The path to success is very narrow”, Emily
read, in a book she found on the table before she heard a knock on
the door. She opened the door to see a man in white clothing
standing before her, she was shocked but gained courage to talk to
him immediately.

“What do you want?”

He blinked at her again apparently shocked at
her masculine voice which she actually framed up. He replied her
with haste, “The master seeks your presence immediately.”

“Where is your master?” She asked with
uneasiness in her voice.”

He told her to get dressed as he is going to
take her there. As they walked down a passage, Emily struck a
conversation with the man taking her to the master.

“Why are you dressed in a white robe?”

He didn’t reply her at first until he saw the
look on her face. He overheard the master saying that she would be
the most powerful demon on earth and he really feared what she
could possibly do to him if he doesn’t reply her in time.

“This is a very large fortress and I am the
keeper of the holy place.”

Emily couldn’t understand anything anymore as
she kept mute and decided to ask the master a lot of questions when
she found him. They had been walking for about thirty minutes in
silence when Emily tripped over an object on the floor and

She tried to look at what made her fall but
it was so dark and the man pulled her up almost immediately and
they continued walking the dark path making Emily scared, she could
feel the chill run down her spine.

They finally approached light and Emily
heaved a sigh of relief but the man continued walking straight
without looking at her or uttering a word, Emily started wondering
if he is a man or a robot.

“Where are we going?” Emily asked, her eyes
quivering with curiosity.

“To meet the master”

“What master are you talking about? Where the
hell is he?”

”Just follow me and you will see.”

Emily was beginning to get impatient as she
thought aloud “I will give this man a hard punch that should make
him talk. This place is really big and I’ve not seen my father
since yesterday, we’ve not even reached the light we saw from afar?
This is a travesty.” She noticed that she was finding it hard to
breathe and the air around them was getting thinner.

Emily began to run as fast as he could, away
from the man who was trying to take her life. As she ran, she felt
the air around her getting thinner but noticed she was getting
closer to the light and the air was coming back to her, increasing
her agility as she ran.

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