Intelligent Design: Revelations to Apocalypse

Intelligent Design: Revelations to Apocalypse

J. M. Erickson

Intelligent Design: Revelations to Apocalypse

All rights reserved

Copyright 2015 J. M. Erickson

Editor: Suzanne M. Owen

Cover design: Cathy Helms, Avalon Graphics, LLC

Publisher: J. M. Erickson

ISBN: (MOBI Format) 978-1-942708-13-1

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This is a work of pure fiction. While some places in this book exist, any resemblance to real people, living or dead, or events is purely coincidental.

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Printed in the United States of America

What Reviewers Are Saying About

Intelligent Design: Revelations…

“Intelligent, complex, riveting, and with surprising twists,
Intelligent Design: Revelations
was an unexpected treat for me… The technology and advancements were believable and yet almost feel ahead of its time.”
- Indie Book Reviewers

“Well-written and suspenseful, Erickson's story blends scientific theory with fast-paced action in an adventure that should have its fans practically sitting up and begging for a sequel.” -
US Review of Books

…it is to Erickson's credit that he fulfills the absolute criteria for a proper science fiction novel: i.e. science made into fiction—and that should be very enjoyable to sci-fi purists seeking out this exact kind of work.”
- Self-Publishing Review

”…wonderfully absorbing science fiction novella presenting existential questions that occupy the reader’s mind long after the book has been put down.” -
Suzanne Owen
, Independent Editor

Intelligent Design: Apocalypse…

“Amid this fantastical setting, the narrative reads as sharply as an SAS thriller with efficient, no-nonsense heroes and heroines who understand the full and terrifying impact of the decisions they make.” -
Readers’ Favorite

“The author's soaring imagination and mastery of technical jargon are on full display in this tale of impending interplanetary destruction that would seem to be shattering, yet may not in fact be as catastrophic as one might first imagine.” -
US Review of Books

“The writing is very good—intelligent, suspenseful, descriptive and disturbingly honest.” -
Indie Book Reviewers

“…The dialogue is well-crafted and meaningful and the characters fully reveal their humanity as they interact with one another and react to events that are life-changing and beyond control.” -
Suzanne Owen
, Independent Editor

List of Characters

Andrea Perez, or Perez the Younger
—Former MIT doctoral student of holographic and light spectrums, she is now a resident on the planet Terra. As an “Earther” on an alien planet, she is of the engineer-warrior class, tasked with keeping the planet’s holographic emitters running to keep the planet Terra hidden from Earth. She has been on Terra for years and has become accustomed to its martial law that parallels ancient Rome’s.

Anthony Perez, or Perez the Elder—
Former army captain who worked as a trauma specialist in the Department of Veterans Administration, Perez is a recent arrival to Terra. Previously, he worked on preparing Earth for the revelation that another planet with a developed civilization existed within the Sol System, but had been well hidden. He originally ran the Epsilon Team Six, an all-Terran-female SEAL team, but turned it over to his friend Roberta Josephine Riesman when he was injured.

Christine Reich, CEO and President of Reich Enterprise—
A wealthy German industrialist, billionaire, and philanthropist who used to be known as Roberta Josephine Riesman, PhD, a former army major. Her last position was as executive director of Readiness and Disaster Logistics in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Office of Response and Recovery. She adopted the Reich persona when she learned the truth about the hidden planet and when her close friend Anthony Perez was injured and left Earth to reunite with his daughter Andrea on Terra. She is the leader of a special ops team, Terran Epsilon Team Six—made of Lux, Pax, Vespere, Bella, and her master computer, the Keeper—that is now focused on keeping humanity alive on Earth.

General David Farrell—
General in the United States Army who runs a specialized unit in the communication, spectrographic analysis, and guidance division of NASA. He searches for intelligent life within the Sol System. For years he has followed leads from “lost” documents, documents with corrupted dates, “missing” files, and disappearing witnesses. He suspects a cover-up about an invisible planet that affects gravitational pull on all the system’s planets but that cannot be seen.

Chief Inspector Arthur Bradley—
From New Scotland Yard. Works with his team—Officer Virginia “Ginny” Spenser and Officer John “Jack” Middleton—to locate missing persons and solve riddles on international cases. Works with General Farrell and has spent a great amount of time searching for an escaped nemesis, Sir Phillip Pierce, and the wealthy though elusive Christine Reich.

Master Architect Janus
—Leader of the “Old Ones,” a group that survived the collision of Gemini’s Alpha and Beta dwarf planets sixty-seven million years ago deep within Mars’s crust. Janus and his companions, Olympia and Athena, plan to start a family. He was a great architect of the once-thriving Martian civilization and led junior architects, such as Iris of Venus and Hades of Terra, to populate the Sol System with different species of hominid. His leadership helped all the planets, even Earth, survive the initial destruction from the great collision. As the Martian population now dwindles into extinction, Janus and his master computer, the Keeper, foresee an all-too-familiar astronomical event: another extinction-level collision is about to begin. Once again, Janus must warn the others to prepare for the coming apocalypse, which will either lead to the annihilation or the next evolution of each species.


— A tidally locked planet obscured from Earth by the sun and holographic emitters that cloak its existence; it is larger than Earth and keeps an opposite orbit. It is a martial-law society based on Earth’s ancient Roman culture of 1.9 billion hominids, which bear a striking resemblance to Earth’s Neanderthals. Terrans live underground, along the equatorial line that leaves half the planet in perpetual darkness and the other side in perpetual light. The holographic emitters are failing, and its existence is about to be revealed to Earth.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.

The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.

He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.

John, 1:1–8, King James Version, Earth

In the very beginning, before the great collision, there were Mars, Venus, and Terra.

We were the Old Ones. We believe we were the very first created by the Originators.

We developed and created various carbon-based hominids in our own image and artificial intelligence to reflect our own. We stretched out from our Martian cradle to populate and create new civilizations. This was all to imitate our creators, the Originators.

They were our creators, the ones we strived to emulate. The ones we followed to the stars.

And when the time came for us to leave before the end, before Collision, most of our kind left to find the Originators.

Few, so very few, architects and master computers created arks for our creations.

—Hades, 1:1–9, B.C., Great Library, Terra


Novella I

In the Beginning--Mars

Chapter One:
Fact is Stranger than Fiction - Earth

Chapter Two:
Dreams Do Come True - Terra

Chapter Three:
Ashes to Ashes—Earth

Chapter Four:
Sands of an Hour Glass—Earth

Chapter Five:
No Win Scenario—Earth

Chapter Six:

Chapter Seven:
Silent Falling Star - Earth

Chapter Eight:
From Hell’s Heart – Terra

Chapter Nine:
New Mission – Earth

Chapter Ten:
Revelations – Terra

Chapter Eleven:
Reunited – Terra

Chapter Twelve:
I Am Legend—Earth

Chapter Thirteen:
The Return – Mars

Epilogue—It Begins—Unknown Time, Space, or Plane of Existence

Novella II

Void—Unknown Time, Space, or Plane of Existence

Chapter One:
Hand of the Originators—Mars

Chapter Two:

Chapter Three:
Future Academy—Earth

Chapter Four:

Chapter Five:
Scotland Yard—Earth

Chapter Six:

Chapter Seven:
New Arrival—Earth

Chapter Eight:
Devils in the Dark—Terra

Chapter Nine:
Unfinished Business—Earth

Chapter Ten:
Arms and a Woman—Terra

Chapter Eleven:
Epsilon Team Six—Earth

Chapter Twelve:
Terminal Velocity—Mars

Chapter Thirteen:
Summer Camp—Earth

Chapter Fourteen:
Better to Rule in Hell—Terra

Chapter Fifteen:
Questions from Beyond—Unknown Time, Space, or Plane of Existence

Epilogue – Volcanic Coronas, Lava Plateaus and Sulfuric Skies - Venus

About the Author


Novella I

Sixty-Seven Million Years Ago
In the Beginning--Mars

When it is obvious that the goal cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the actions steps
- Confucius

“Just Beautiful. Unusually quiet, but beautiful nonetheless.” Master Architect Janus stood on his balcony, gazing over the miles of well-maintained but desolate homes in his near empty city. The lots, arranged in neat rows, contained two to three-story rectangular homes interspersed with gardens and small farms. The Originators had constructed the planet’s cities to accommodate twenty million inhabitants with privacy and space. The arrangement of well-marked roads, arboretums and gardens made the Martian landscape aesthetically simple and pleasing, well designed in both form and function. Canals laid out in a grid pattern ran throughout the plateau, their order in stark contrast to the irregularity of the occasional rivers that cut across the land. Four-story pyramids glimmered throughout the cityscape. Strategically placed by the waterways, they provided decentralized energy generation via water and solar. The sun set, plunging the planet into a reddish blue twilight, and birds flew squawking from their nests in search of their evening meal.

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