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Fighting the Inevitable





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This book is dedicated to
my dad, Gordon Edward Irvine.

28 Aug 1936 - 4 Oct


You were a true
inspiration to me growing up.

You were my ultimate


I love you dearly, Dad,
and miss you every day.



I can't recommend this
book enough! Ms Gordon weaves two love stories throughout this
tale, and shows how a small twist of fate can change a life
forever. Fighting the Inevitable is filled with memorable
characters and introduces us to a world we all want to visit time
and time again. Fair warning - chances are, once you start reading
it, you won't be able to put it down. ~ Lana St. Louis




J C Gordon draws you into
this spellbinding tale of love, loss and the universal struggle for
acceptance in the unforgettable first book of this tale. Her
sumptuous writing has you right beside the characters as they feel,
love and lose themselves in a world that has been irrevocably
changed - whether for better or worse, only time will tell ~
Stephanie Passmore




As an avid reader, I found
that I could not put Ms. Gordon’s Fighting the Inevitable down.
This book is indeed well worth losing a night’s sleep over. The
world and characters she has created will draw you into their
lives, making you want to be part of it all.” ~ Aisie




thanks and my eternal gratitude must go to


my wonderful
cover art designer Kelly Shorten




my lovely
editor Aisie Lynn



Also, to my
KBF, Evan Guillemette, for his unfailing friendship, and constant
support of all of my writing projects. You are the best!


Huge hugs to
Jennifer Cothran for the tremendous work she put into helping me
get FTI to publication. I couldn’t have done it without you,




And finally,
much love and a special thank you goes to the all amazing people
who helped make this book possible #yourock





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Aisie Lynn

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Demetri Bozic looked up
from the delicious little brunette who was secreted in the back of
the dark booth beside him. A scent teased his nostrils, and his
deep green eyes searched the darkness until the object of the scent
became visible. He smiled and nodded, turning back to the woman in
his arms. He knew his friend would join them, but for now, his
attention was firmly on his companion.

She really was quite
delectable, her face flushed with her arousal, her lips swollen
from his ravishment. What really stirred his lust was the pale
creamy breast that was bared to his intent gaze. The hardened
nipple was mouth-watering, and he bent his head again to suckle on
the tasty morsel. He returned his hand between her thighs, and
pressed his fingers back into the wonderful warmth of her body. As
she moaned in ecstasy, his fangs elongated, and he bit into her
breast, swallowing down the sweet nectar that was her life giving

He heard his friend
approach, sensed him slip into the booth across from them. The
sound of wineglasses being placed on the table brought a pause to
his feeding. He always enjoyed a little red wine after a meal. He
didn’t raise his head though, Caleb could wait until he was
finished. He suckled harder against the creamy breast in his mouth,
closing his eyes as he savoured the sweet nectar dripping down his


Caleb allowed his golden
brown gaze to flicker over the sight before him. He preferred
privacy when he dined, but Demetri didn’t hold to most conventions,
especially when his bloodlust was upon him. He sipped at a glass of
wine as he watched his friend ride the girl’s body with his
fingers, as he fed liberally at her breast.

It was an erotic sight
and Caleb knew it wouldn’t be long before he would have to feed his
own dual lusts. For the moment, he continued to watch the show, his
lips curling in a small smile as he admired his friend’s

The brunette suddenly
stiffened and gasped out her pleasure. Locked in her moment of
orgasm, she was barely aware that Demetri sealed the wound on her
breast with a swipe of his tongue and then peeled his fingers out
of her body. The human would have no idea that she had just fed an
Ancient vampire. All she would remember was the intoxicating
pleasure Demetri had given her.

Thank you,
chérie,” the dark haired vampire purred, kissing her lips lightly
before hustling her out of booth. He sucked at his damp fingers as
he watched her go, satisfaction etched across his inhumanly
beautiful face.

Enjoy your
dinner?” Caleb Ryder’s voice was light and teasing, with a hint of
huskiness about it. His body was hard and aching. Watching Demetri
indulge himself was an intensely erotic experience, and he hadn’t
been with a woman for almost a week. He really would have to
satisfy his urges soon.

She was
delightful,” Demetri laughed throatily, accepting a glass of wine
from the other man. “A little appetiser. I’m still hunting my main

Caleb laughed loudly at
the wicked expression on his friend’s face. His people were an
extremely hedonistic race, indulging themselves liberally, but
Demetri always took things that little bit further than most. After
his main course, Caleb wouldn’t be surprised if his friend sampled
a little dessert too. Taking three women in the one night wasn’t
beyond the dark haired Ancient if he was in the mood. It appeared
from the glint in his eyes that tonight he was.

Caleb’s eyes ran slowly
around the dimly lit nightclub, looking for something to take his
fancy. He was a partner in Karpathia’s along with Demetri, though
he was more of a silent partner. Demetri ran the club and he left
him to it. They were joint business partners in a number of
technology companies as well.

They had been friends for
two thousand years, their different personalities often causing
some of their people to wonder how they managed to maintain such a
tight relationship. Demetri was wild, unforgiving and utterly
deadly, while Caleb was more reserved, appearing slightly more
civilised than his friend.

The truth of the matter
was simple for Caleb. He trusted Demetri with his life and vice
versa. His friend would die to protect him and he would do the
same. Demetri was his family though they had been born countries

Their friendship had been
forged in blood, when humans were still animals and wars and
persecution had run rampant. He had saved Demetri’s life, though
some would perhaps argue that point. He’d been barely a decade old
to this life, a Youngling defying his Sire when he had found
Demetri dying from a sword wound.

It had been during one of
the many wars that had ravished the world at the time. Caleb had
been hungry, the scent of blood calling him. Dead blood was
unsatisfying so he looked through the battlefield for the dying.
They could sustain him while he could ease their pain by injecting
his soothing toxin into their system as he drained what little
blood they had left.

It hadn’t been a sexual
act. Caleb loved woman and wasn’t tempted by the flesh of men, and
that was why he had been surprised when he found the dying dark
haired soldier and felt an affinity for him which he couldn’t
explain. Demetri’s deep green eyes had opened as he’d fed from his
wrist, bright and shiny for one who was so close to

What are
you?” The words had been whispered softly, but Caleb had heard them
because of his enhanced hearing abilities. He had stopped feeding,
surprised at being addressed in his native tongue. It showed the
man below him was of considerable intelligence if he could speak a
language other than his own.

A vampire,”
he answered, smoothing back blood soaked hair so he could look
again at this exotic man who had piqued his interest.

I don’t want
to die!”

There has been such
vehemence, such hunger to live that had shone in those green eyes
that Caleb had smiled slowly, impressed with the will of his
current meal.


He had drunk deeply at
the dying man’s wrist, listening to his heartbeat falter. Then he
had healed the sword wound and ripped open his own wrist, pressing
it to the other man’s mouth. He’d had no idea if he was doing it
right. He was only a Youngling, and not supposed to be Siring
anyone until he reached Elder status. However, he had done it
anyway, knowing his Sire would be furious with him.

Perhaps it had been
because Caleb remembered what it was to be human. He remembered how
he hadn’t wanted to die either, how his refusal to succumb had led
to his Sire granting him immortality. If this man wanted to live
that badly too, then he deserved the same gift.

No one living knew of
Caleb’s connection to Demetri. They never spoke of it; he never
used his hold over his friend. Demetri knew he could walk away at
any time he wanted, and Caleb would let him go. Perhaps that was
one of the reasons that he stayed.

Now they sat together,
two thousand years older and so closely bound together that they
often thought as one, moved as one. Nothing could separate the
allegiance they had for each other, even when they had their rare
disagreements and tried to beat the crap out of one

Female eyes were
automatically drawn to the booth they sat in, and Caleb’s lips
twitched slightly as his shrewd gaze continued the search for his
evening’s entertainment. He knew what women saw when they looked at
them, how their physical aura alone could draw every woman in the
room’s attention.

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